The dream of every musician is to become a member of a famous orchestra and this is not only a wonderful opportunity but also a serious responsibility.being part of an orchestra involves a great musical education, behavior and formidable self-control. This concept seems to clash with the concept of musician, in fact many people think that music is pure passion left unchecked. Being part of an orchestra is a serious job, it requires incessant rehearsal and diligent study. Teamwork is fundamental: No one is an absolute leader but all are indispensable to create magic and arouse emotions. If you’re trying to make this dream come true, you’re in the right place, in fact today we’re going to explain to you how to join an orchestra.let’s be clear about something.playing together is an absolutely responsible experience, because you don’t admit mistakes and because the final success will depend on how you play.obviously you have to consider small losses of concentration and then it’s important to know how to manage them without living the unexpected as a failure.

  • passion
  • willpower
  • sacrifice
  • good ability to work in a team

Young musicians should immediately cultivate the dream of playing in an orchestra. The latter can also be cultural associations that, through calls for tenders, “recruit” young musicians who are offered a place in the orchestra, according to the needs of the instrument it needs, to supplement the staff.

Not all musicians want to join an orchestra to make it a profession. There are a lot of amateur instrumentalists who want to be part of an orchestra only and exclusively to give life to their passion for music.many of these artists are excellent, since they are mostly graduates.amateur orchestras do not have the pretensions of professional ones. They often perform in places where large orchestras do not, such as small towns, churches, village festivals, mountain resorts and communities, and those who choose to be part of them often do so to support voluntary projects and humanitarian works. Consulting the web could also be a good way to join this type of amateur orchestras.

Are you a professional orchestra? You can take advantage of the competitions held by the most famous orchestras known nationally, such as radio and television. another possibility could be to undergo auditions, auditions and casting promoted by agencies of entertainment, which will be responsible for proposing your application. these agencies also provide an essential service, namely to keep the artist updated on proposals from theaters and symphony orchestras. usually the auditions consist of proposing their own repertoire, usually taken from some of the most famous acts of opera. Some people ask for specific pieces and the reading at first sight of some of them, but the schedule of the audition will also depend on the type of instrument played.

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